How to Be a Daughter of the of the Divine Will

If you feel within your heart you want something more, to be a part of something greater than yourself in union with other men and women who desire to grow in holiness then please read further.  As Jesus’ children we strive to accept those things we cannot change, and change those things in our lives that circumstances allow, always in an attitude of charity practicing abandonment as the Lord gives us the opportunity.  We take the words of Job to heart and strive to live to accept and learn those words to the best of our ability ...

         " ..the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh; blessed be the name of the Lord...”  Job 1:21

This first step to abandonment can only be practiced through perseverance, growing in faith, consistency, and graces bestowed through prayer, the Sacraments, and teachings of the church; disposing us to expand the boundaries of our souls through the work of the Holy Spirit.  Becoming a Daughter/Son of the Divine Will comes in baby steps ultimately desiring and learning to live a life in the Divine Will through the teachings given to the Servant of God, Luisa Piccarreta.  To learn how to live the gift of God's Holy and Divine Will takes one simple first step: to desire it and say FIAT.  We do our best, and God does the rest.  Formation through the teachings of the church gives us the foundation for us to be that House of Nazareth that Jesus desires to build in us . The  baby steps and recommendations are as follows:

  •  Agreeing to reading Scripture and learning the Catechism on a consistent basis

  • Baby steps in learning to imitate the lives of the Holy Family in the House of Nazareth *

  • Continued study of the Divine Will, reading a little each day; participating in weekly on line cenacles, with reading, and discussions, sharing in what the Holy Spirit has revealed to you. "..where two or more are gathered there I am in their midst."

  • Obedience to the Magisterium of the Church

  • Adoration once a week

  • Holy Mass as often as possible

  • Confession on a regular basis, at least once a month

  • Daily Recitation of the Hours of the Passion, Prevenient Act, and Holy Rosary as Luisa did

We are a small group of several individuals throughout the US and Australia who come together remotely, (on line or by telephone) on a weekly basis united for this one cause: To save souls and to work  together as Our Blessed Mother's children sharing in Her pains and sorrows as well as Her joys.  It is through Her Immaculate Heart that She will crush evil in the universe, for She is Queen of the Universe, Queen of the Divine Will, Queen of the angels.  It is Her mission to save souls to strengthen Her army through the Gift of the Divine Will so we can truly be Her Warriors of Love, Her docile little lambs .

God's plan for the restoration of the faith and church as promised is simple...each of His Children in the Divine Will are His Kingdom, and each His House of Nazareth,*  where He was cared for, loved and nurtured.  Each one of the homes, are spiritual and physical places of dwelling, homes of love, a refuge of faith. That is the goal, to build the home, the Kingdom within us so all of the Houses will become one city, one state, and one Kingdom in the Era of Peace, building  the Springtime of Peace as promised.  We are His building blocks.We as God's children all have a mission. This mission is LOVE; To BECOME love as GOD IS LOVE.

"Let it Be Done to Me According to Thy Word"

* Volume 29, May 31,1931

".... You must know that each creature is a Kingdom; therefore one who lets the Divine Will reign in herself can be called a little Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat. So she is a tiny little House of Nazareth that we have upon earth; and though little since our Will is in her reigning, Heaven is not closed for her; she observes the same laws as the celestial Fatherland, she loves with the same love, feeds herself with the foods from up there, and is incorporated into the Kingdom of  Our interminable regions."