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Diary of the Heart, A Reflection: Gaudete Sunday, 2019

Follow the Star that Leads to the Manger

My Little Ones, I came to you in the Flesh, for one reason alone: As food for the Body, and Food for the soul. The Manger represents the Food of Life, the grain that is necessary for the life of your very soul.

Come to the Manger My little ones and feast your eyes upon the one who comes to save you from your miseries, who comes to save you from your defects who comes who comes to save you from your sins.

Come to this Manger my frail broken children who have nowhere to turn, who look to the world for comfort and relief. Do not become addicted to the pleasures of the world that come forth as relief for your aching souls but become addicted to Me your Savior. I am the Elixir of your life.

Within this cave is the eternal light of Salvation. A Life I give to you freely and unequivocally. I ask for one thing only, Give Me your heart, transpose yourself into the manger with me, rest with Me and I will wrap you with the light of the little baby. Let us cry together for the world that does not recognize Me, the one who gives them Food and sustenance for life.

Contemplate the Manger, the Bread of Life that comes from heaven for you. I AM the BREAD OF LIFE.

Be not afraid as you enter this cave, the darkness will disperse as the light of the heavenly star will enfold you. Allow the Star to be your guidepost, the guidepost that leads you to the manger of love.

Come to the Manger, and gaze upon the face of innocence, gaze upon the Mother whose heart has wept for you, cried and pleaded for your salvation. She is the Delicacy of the Heart, She is the movement of your soul, She is the Mother that I have given to you to lead you to the Manger of Love. She is the Eternal Mother who will bring My Birth into your hearts. She gives you, My children Her Love For Me.

Look for the Star, search your Hearts for this Star and you will find Me. Prepare yourselves for My Coming. Prepare yourselves for My Illumination within yourselves. I am an innocent child that desires your Heart, a Heart to rest in.

Come to the Manger, the Manger of My Heart. My gifts to you are innumerable.


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