Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Such am I. I will let the entire world know that I want the people of My Divine Will, and as long as they give Me their names and make known to Me that they want to come into My Kingdom, I will give them all Goods. In it unhappinesses will have no place; each one will possess his Kingdom, will be king of himself, and all will live together with their Creator. I will make such great display in giving, that all will remain captivated. My daughter, O! how I long for this living of the creature in My Will. And you—pray and long for it together with Me; and may it be sweet for you to lay down your life for a Kingdom so holy. “ June 6, 1937 Volume 34 By the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta Little Daughter of the Divine Will

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

What happens to your heart when you read the words above? Do you want to be the child of His Volition? Does your heart not burn with excitement and wonder with what these words really mean? Jesus is calling everyone, begging all to come into the Kingdom so Holy that He has prepared for all who want to live by His Will and not our own will. It is a slow process, but He promises that all we must do is our best, moment by moment, day by day, week by week, and He will do the rest. First thing, take the first step by “giving Him our name” and “let Him know” of the desire to live in His Kingdom. This kingdom is the Kingdom of the Divine Will, the fulfillment of the Our Father to “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

His work in us is step by step, little by little, He is the master builder whose plan has been at work before He created time. Didn’t Jesus tell us, “the Kingdom is within you”? Brothers and sisters, The Kingdom is a reality that has now come to life; they are not just words in Scripture but it is a certainty that Jesus prepared for us from the moment of His conception to bring us back to God's original plan that He has manifested through the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. The Work of Redemption was to decree the work of future Sanctification, the Third Fiat. The Third Fiat is upon us. It is here, He has given us the choice to “pay it forward”, to carry the baton onward to the next generation, and to prepare all for the Second Coming of Christ.

Some of you may be asking the same questions that I did; Are you asking yourself “What could I possibly do to further the Kingdom?” How can I possibly be that Kingdom on Earth and be that Little House of Nazareth that Jesus desires? Here are some of the negative thoughts that I have had and heard from others: First, “My family will think I am crazy, my house is not holy, I have to work and take care of the kids, my spouse is an alcoholic, or having an affair, I had or participated in an abortion, etc., etc., etc.” Many thought Jesus was crazy, His own relatives were the first to call Him a madman. Do not be afraid, Jesus will not give you more than you can handle. Secondly: If your house is not holy, it never will be unless you take the first step to make those changes that begin with you. What matters is that you become the captain of the ship of your home. Jesus is building a Kingdom in you that will radiate in your home. Do you think Jesus will not honor your intention to bring Him into your home? Your faith will increase with your perseverance. You are the face of His Mercy and love, you are His church in your home. It may be a slow process but be assured that changes are taking place even though you may not see them. Lastly: Marital problems, unholy practices, addiction of family members, terrible problems all of them, but not impossible. Allowing sufferings to be suffered through prayer with reparation is the only true way to bring true peace to your heart and allow Jesus to work and make good out of a bad situation. Jesus has given us the Hours of the Passion so we may partake and co-redeem with Him for all souls of all generations. The graces we are given participating in His Passion was unheard of until recently. In the practice of abandonment, we offer personal problems not only for ourselves but also for those who do not pray or do not believe. We become a little conduit of grace and with this special gift we intercede for others to open the doors of grace for them and glorify our heavenly Father in their place. In the Divine Will there is the grace and gift of transtemporality: Your prayers through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary fused in His Holy Will affect all generations past, present, and future! How awesome is God to share Himself with us in such an intimate way? Plus, all the problems mentioned above are why we should allow ourselves to let Him in, to allow Him to make that change in us so we can be that Holy Light for others.

He suffered, died, and resurrected from death to life for every person, past, present, and future. We are joining with Him in this One, Eternal Act. Because He is God, He has anticipated your every move way before you even thought of it. And no matter who you are, where you have been, Jesus, through the Heart of His Mother will set you on the path to the beautiful future He has planned just for you, no matter where you have been, or where you think you are going. His Heart is immense, and on fire for love of you. Jesus’ greatest attribute is His Mercy. His Mercy comes from the fount of the operation of the Most Holy Trinity, The Divine Will.

Building Your House

The blueprint of your Kingdom was created by God while you were still in the “apple of His eye”, within His Womb, before you were conceived in your mother. Much planning and joy was exchanged between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in your creation, your uniqueness flowed from their heart and your “oneness” relationship was established with God at the first thought of you. You existed in God by His very thought. He loves you as much as He loves everyone ever created because you are unique and were created for Him, it is His Kingdom within you that gives you identity, purpose and holiness. The Kingdom of God, the Reign of the Kingdom of the Divine Will has always been there, it is embedded in your spiritual DNA. However, with the gift of your free will you can either accept it or deny it, or continue to build your own Kingdom, the kingdom of the Earth. The words of Jesus to Pilate carry great significance here…”My kingdom does not belong to this world….” John 18:36

We have a choice to make that is extremely important. This choice is not a choice that affects only us and our families, but the choice affects all generations. If you decide to say “Yes” to give your FIAT to God’s plan for the sanctification of the world it will affect all generations of peoples in a way we cannot completely comprehend at this time while we are still alive, but will be revealed when we are totally one with God in heaven. If we say “Yes” we must trust that the gift is given to us, and mystical miracles are being generated within us. As soon as the desire is formed, anchored with the armor of FAITH, and we consecrate our wills to Live the Life of the Divine Will, the gift seeded within us has begun its growth in us and Jesus will build this Kingdom within you brick by brick. He being the Holy Mason will arrange each brick perfectly, with His Love acting as the cement. The bricks represent the acts you allowed Him to do in you, and each brick increases virtue that strengthens the foundation of the Kingdom within you. With your “Yes” to abandonment to the life of Living the Life in the Divine Will, your Little House of Nazareth becomes a work in process.

The Benedictine Oblate

Why an Oblate?

The Life and Vocation of an Oblate helps to actualize and structure our daily spiritual life. The practice of Lectio Divina, slowly meditating on God’s Word opens the soul to hearing and seeing God in our daily routine. The Spirit of the Gospel and God’s plan for us stream through the promises made by our Oblation; Meditating on Sacred Scripture and cultivating the awareness needed to discern the spirit of God within us. The Benedictine way of monastic life is another example of the Kingdom within us, the quiet place of solitude, peace, where we are “one” with the Holy Trinity, and one with the Church, which we are obedient to. In all our sufferings and anxieties that come to us from the outside world, it is within this Sacred place of our souls that God exists and waits for us. The Benedicitne Way of Life sets us up, is the stepping stone and an “enabler” to help us reach and build the Kingdom within us. The meditation of the Rule, and studying the interpretation of the Rule strengthens us in obedience, conversion, thereby giving us the stability to continue our spiritual ascent.

The Cenacle of My Will, To bring forth the Love of the Trinity

Why this name for a cenacle?

The first cenacle we hear about in scripture is the gathering in the Upper Room.

The word “cenacle” comes from the word dinner, it is also where the Last Supper (dinner) was served and where the birth of the first Christian church took place on Pentecost Sunday. Scripture also tells us that the Apostles were gathered with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Jesus chose this room to be the place of the institution of the Eucharist and the establishment of His first Church to be guided by His Mother. It is through the gifts given to the church through the deposit of faith our souls are nurtured and formation begins. The cenacle is a private place of communication with God through prayer. It is His place alone, therefore this cenacle of the Divine Will is His cenacle, because it is through the Holy Spirit that all are gathered, it is through the Love of the Trinity that our souls are fed and the Life of the Divine Will begins to grow. We are a Cenacle of Children of the Volition only because of God’s work in us. The cenacle is not mine, and not the ones who join us, the cenacle is His, for the one purpose of bringing forth the Love of the Trinity to save souls, make reparation for all generations, praise and adore the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and to allow Him to build the House of Nazareth within us. The cenacle is also where two or more are gathered in His Name to pray, reflect on the holy Words and inspirations that God gives us as we absorb the teachings of the Divine Will.

It is the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart. Jesus’ words to Saint Margaret Mary:

“Announce it and let it be announced to the whole world, that I set neither limit nor measure to my gifts of grace for those who seek them in My Heart.”

Now Jesus comes to us with His Heart in His hands asking us to allow His Heart to beat in ours, by allowing Him to give us by gift his very life, to be enclosed within the Cenacle of His Will, to build the Kingdom within us.

May His Will Be Done.